Water is one of the most essential elements for human. We drink water for life every day. However, we are exposed to numerous pollutants by tap water passing through unreliable many pipes. The Smart is a water purifier installed in a kitchen and provides clean drinking water by purifying tap water. Its innovative 4-step filtration system eliminates most of contaminants from tap water such as rust residue, calcareous, chlorine, infusible fine particles, bacteria as well as bad odor and taste. Drinking clean water is the way to keep healthy life, so its design focused on how to people could use this product more easily.


The Smart provides precise and accurate functions about the water, so it melts such features into the external design and user interface. To create accurate look, an aluminum material with hairline finishing has been adopted to the body cover, and the appearance has been simplified by minimizing external parting lines. To give a unified look, san serif font with a sharp edge was used on the GUI. In addition, the sleek lines used as overall design elements borrow its motif from the surface of water.